About Triyoga

TriYoga is a hatha yoga method with emphasis on posture (asana), breath (pranayama) and focus (mudra). It is a meditative form of yoga that fosters a mindful state of mind through gentle movements and awareness over breath.

The exercises in Triyoga consist of slow dynamic flows that improve flexibility, strength and body awareness. Due to the spinal wavelike movements inherent in the flows you will strengthen the body's natural energy flow and ability to heal itself.

Anyone can join whatever their experience of yoga practise.

There are 7 levels of practice in TriYoga, starting with Basics. However, most people will be able to join Level 1 which differs from Basics with more positions (asanas) and longer flows (kriyas). Moving up levels usually requires a dedicated yoga practice.

TriYoga is founded and continously developed by Kali Ray from the US. TriYoga is practiced worldwide in both the US, Europe and Asia.

You can read more about Kali Ray and TriYoga here.